VABF printVA/BF 2014
Ryan Thompson
3-colour plotter print
$20 | Available at a discount to Members
Pre-order: [email protected]
felt pen, ball point pen, micron ink pen on 100lb vellum bristol

11 x 17 in.
edition of 50

Drawing on this year’s colour scheme for the limited-edition VA/BF 2014 print, Ryan Thompson has produced an experimental portrait with felt marker, ball point pen and micron ink pen. A digital drawing is separated and drawn via plotter with each drawing implement, one by one. This method blurs the lines between drawing and printmaking.

Ryan Thompson is an artist, designer, publisher and curator living in Victoria, BC. He is co-publisher of Anteism and operates the OuterSpace Mobile Gallery. Thompson’s printmaking is an ongoing state of experimentation, utilizing found materials with current and vintage equipment. Thompson explores various ways to make digitally originated marks through traditional methods such as pens, pencils and brushes. These materials and techniques often lead the artist’s process of creation backwards, developing works based on the found material and the process of printing.