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Vancouver Art/Book Fair
October 5 and 6, 2013 in the Vancouver Art Gallery Annex

On behalf of our Board and the volunteer team at Project Space I’d like to thank everyone who attended the 2013 Vancouver Art/Book Fair—visitors, exhibitors, presenters, volunteers—as well as our generous sponsors, who made our second year an absolute success. The event was attended by 1,245 people—more than double our inaugural year!


At the heart of the Fair was three rooms of exhibitors that featured the work of nearly 100 publishers who travelled from near and far to share with Vancouver audiences. Hailing from such cities as Vancouver, Victoria, Mayne Island, Calgary, Saskatoon, Toronto, Montreal, Portland, San Francisco, Boston, Mexico City, Düsseldorf and Stockholm, these publishers demonstrated the passion and energy evident across the spectrum of artist publishing. Many of our attendees commented on how pleased they were with the quality and variety of featured publishers, and multiple exhibitors commented on how eager the crowd was to ask questions, start conversations and purchase books. Thank you and congratulations to all of the exhibitors, whose participation forms the bedrock of this burgeoning event.


Over two days VA/BF featured ten programs and performances that attracted 340 audience members—over a quarter of the total attendees—as well as three installations, two of which staged their own programming and interventions throughout the venue. Our programs ranged from artist talks and a magical realism script reading to a workshop and live art book reviews, and were presented by artists from Vancouver, Los Angeles, Manchester, Portland, Brooklyn, Bogotá, Montreal, Stuttgart and Istanbul. Thank you so much to all the presenters who generously shared their work and contributed to a dialogue around the medium of artist publishing.


Thank you also to everyone who participated in the first ever Artists’ Books Weekend; I had the pleasure of attending almost every event and was thrilled to see the artist publishing conversation sparked during VA/BF expanding to include a variety of voices and spaces across the city.


It is incredibly important to us that the Fair remain free and open to the public. Thank you to the funders and partners who continue to make this possible, specifically all of those listed below and the Vancouver Art GalleryCity of VancouverGeorgia Straight and the Downtown Vancouver BIA.


Of course, thank you to every intern and volunteer that worked on the fair and especially those who took leadership roles: Amy Skinner, Sean Scott, Julia Hong and Jessie McNeil. And to the staff at the Vancouver Art Gallery who ensured that our event went off without a hitch.


We already can’t wait until 2014.


Tracy Stefanucci


Project Manager/Artistic Director
Vancouver Art/Book Fair


Special thanks to everyone who made VA/BF 2013 possible and contributed to its success, including the Vancouver Art Gallery, City of Vancouver, Georgia Straight, Downtown Vancouver BIA, C Magazine, Scout Magazine, Discorder, SAD Mag, Estampa, Publishing @ SFU, Modo, Paper Pusher, Fillip, Ethical Bean and Brick Press.

Photos by Colby Ferguson

Taken October 5 and 6, 2013 in the Vancouver Art Gallery Annex



Project Space


Publication Studio, Portland

La Silueta Ediciones

La Silueta Ediciones

Libraries by Heidi Nagtegaal of Hammock Residency

Hammock Residency

88 Books

Jordan Jabari Walker, Fillip


Uppercase magazine and Collage Collage

Or Gallery


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Couldn’t get enough of Vancouver Art/Book Fair & was sad to run out of time there on our busy wknd. Kudos #VABF2013 organizers & exhibitors.