To The Future

by Heidi Nagtegaal & Hammock Residency

Friday, September 13 as part of SWARM 2013

8pm (selected readings and performances at 10pm)


To The Future celebrates the history of the Hammock Residency and the upcoming launch of Hammock Thoughts: 2006–2013, a book by Heidi Nagtegaal co-published by Project Space Press and the Hammock Residency, which will be released at the Opening Reception for the Vancouver Art/Book Fair on October 4.


Hammock Thoughts features texts and images by Michael Birchall and Hammock alumni Golboo Amani, Amber Phelphs-Bondaroff, Patrick Cruz, Luciana D’Anunciacao, Natalie Doonan, Julia Feltham, Frankie Frankie (Lisa Lipton), Francisco Fernando Granados, Hua Jin, Lois Klassen, Stefanie Loveday & Renee Rhodes, Devon Michigan, Neal Rockwell, Mirae Rosner, Christine Swintak, Byron Peters, Jay Wendy Tan and Jessica Whitbread.


Presales of Hammock Thoughts will be available for purchase at the event in an environment inspired by the Hammock Residency, which will feature recent Hammock Sculptures by Heidi Nagtegaal, including: A Hammock For Every City (2013) and Hammock Archives (2006–2013).


Hammock Residency was formed in 2006 and emerged publically in 2009. Since then it has hosted over 75 artists and their thoughts, processes, projects (when desired) and endless tangents. It provides an environment that is non-coercive, participant-based and co-creative, has no rules (but many negotiations which are unique to each resident and Hammock needs) and offers whatever it can in the space/time at hand.