fersu pg 3 - low res

Olio: Special Projects from Vancouver
a zine series produced for release at the LA Art Book Fair 

January 30 to February 1, 2015, Preview January 29
The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Project Space is excited to be attending Printed Matter’s LA Art Book Fair! In addition to exhibiting past work by Project Space Press we will be launching a limited-edition (50 copies) zine series produced for release at LAABF, Olio: Special Projects From Vancouver, which was co-published by local artists and publishers.

The zine series will only be available at LAABF or to Members of Project Space, who can contact [email protected] to pre-order a set of all five zines for $20 by January 28, 2015. 

The Olio series includes the following titles:

fersu by Liam Shiveral, Hugo Noriega and Tylor Macmillan (co-published by Late Cuts)

Supplemental (Doppelgänger Diatribes) by Nathan Jones

Isonomia by Michael Lachman, with text by Logan Sturrock

Bartleby Review, 21–25, with texts by Steffanie Ling, David Morris, Kate Moss, Kalli Niedoba, Kendra Sullivan and Emile Rubino (co-published by Bartelby Review)

Monogamy Now by Sharona Franklin and Yu Su

Image: Page 3 of  fersu by Liam Shiveral, Hugo Noriega and Tylor Macmillan