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Image: Perish Plains Vol. 1 by Patrick Kyle & Michael Deforge

Artist Series: Alex Durlak, Ryan Dodgson & Jayme Keith, Perish Publishing (Toronto)

by Asia Harvey

Perish Publishing is a Toronto-based artist publisher that launched at the New York Art Book Fair in the fall of 2013. It is an imprint of Toronto’s Standard Form print shop, which recently branched out with Perish and two additional record imprints, Idée Fixe Records and Komino Records. Perish Publishing participated in this winter’s LA Art Book Fair. 

Ryan Dodgson, Jayme Keith & Alex Durlak. Photo by Jay Shuster.

Project Space: Who is Perish Publishing? Your members come from music and arts backgrounds; how did you find your way to art book publishing?

Perish Publishing: Perish Publishing is Alex Durlak (Publisher), Ryan Dodgson (Editor), and Jayme Keith (Editor). Alex owns Standard Form, a print shop in Toronto, and has both an artistic and a music practice, having played in various bands and releasing solo electronic albums. Ryan is a published illustrator and has self-published a number of books and zines. Jayme is an avid book collector, drawer and occasionally works in the bindery at SF. We found our way into publishing through a series of conversations with one another over the past year or two.

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Call for Board Members
Deadline to apply: March 6, 2014
Send applications to: Kristin Cheung, kristin.cheung2@gmail.com

Project Space (registered as the non-profit OCW Arts & Publishing Foundation) is currently seeking dedicated and enthusiastic new members for its Board of Directors. The role of Board Members is to provide stewardship, assistance and direction for the Foundation’s activities; key areas where support will be required are fundraising, strategic planning, community development and visibility. Participating in Board activities is a rewarding experience and provides an opportunity to develop new skills and contribute to an emerging community of artists, writers and designers interested in publication.

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Invisible City Press Inaugural Party, Book Launch & Reading(s)
Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 9pm
Merge, NE Corner of Powell and Clarke St, Vancouver

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Pizza Punks Collection Zine Release Party
Friday, Febuary 21, 2014 from 7–10pm
The Couch Gallery, 30 East 6th Ave, Vancouver
***music***art***fun*** pizza***punks***

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Call for Exhibitors Graphic - final

Deadline to apply to participate: April 25, 2014

To Apply

Artists, collectives, publishers, artist-run centres and art book distributors are welcome to apply to participate. Simply send a brief email introducing yourself and your publishing activities to our Exhibitors Coordinator at sean@vancouverartbookfair.com.


Free and open to the public, VA/BF is the only international art book fair in Canada and one of only two on the West Coast. In 2014 the event is anticipated to attract over 1,500 visitors from across the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond.

Presented by Project Space, VA/BF is a two-day festival of artists’ publishing featuring nearly one hundred local, national and international publishers, as well as a diverse line-up of programs, performances and installations. Featured artists travel to Vancouver from across Canada and the globe, and produce everything from books, magazines, zines and printed ephemera to digital, performative or other experimental forms of publication.

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for blog - discorder

 Redesign: Jaz Halloran, Discorder magazine
A lo-fi, DIY, screen-age, newsprint magazine

by Jaz Halloran

Though some of you may know me as Project Space’s Art Director (and Co-Director of our former bookshop/gallery at 222 E Georgia St), since November 2011 I have also been the Art Director of Discorder, a Vancouver-based music magazine published by CiTR radio that readers can pick up for free around the city.

After about a year of research, pitches and meetings with the rest of the staff, I was recently given the opportunity to redesign the magazine and the February 2014 issue is the first of the new format. Normally I wouldn’t have a chance to “speak” in an issue—other than, of course, through the layouts I design and the artworks I commission—but in this issue I also wrote a letter from the Art Director explaining some of my choices.

Making readers aware of the often unnoticed exchange that occurs between designer and viewer is important to me and is something I’ve been exploring for years in such projects as the 2011 exhibition and publication OCW 6.1/#20: Material Arrangement I co-curated with Tracy Stefanucci and art directed, as well as the panel I moderated at the 2012 Vancouver Art/Book Fair, Thinking in Form.

Although it’s unusual for an art director to have a voice beyond that of shaping the visual content of a publication, it isn’t new. In 1967, a book was published called The Medium Is the Massage (yes—Massage), a so-called “electric information age” book that was part of a subculture-oriented genre of publishing popular from 1967 to 1975. The book was “authored” by Marshall McLuhan and Quentin Fiore, who was a graphic designer. It wasn’t “written” by both McLuhan and Fiore, but it was definitely shaped and made visual by Fiore, an “author” of the book’s visual content (a.k.a. the design itself).


Image: Interior spread of  The Medium is the Massage

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Launch of Notes from Gethsemani by Phil Hall
February 11, 7pm @ The Apartment Gallery, 119B E Pender St
free and open to the public

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Q&A: Michael Cook and Katrina Niebergal
Surviving a Week in the Wilderness: A Guide for Transient Survivalists

by Sarah Davidson

“So you find yourself in a survival situation. Whether you’re adrift in shark-infested waters, orphaned amongst the tangled vines of the Amazon or wandering the ruins of a fallen civilization, it is important to identify your resources, to consider your options and above all, to keep your head! Though you may have arrived here as a victim of circumstance, or by your own design, you will need some basic advice and direction to make the most of your situation. You can take comfort in the fact that many a brave adventurer before you has found herself in positions far more acute than your own, and your obstacles are surmountable.”

Inspired by both a love of literature and a collection of wilderness guidebooks, Michael Cook and Katrina Niebergal collaborated to create
Surviving a Week in the Wilderness: A Guide for Transient Survivalists. They launched the book at Sunset Terrace in December, and I sat down with them to find out more about how they came up with the book.


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nonameJeff Derksen: After Euphoria
Friday, January 31
Emily Carr University, 1399 Johnston Street, Vancouver

Lecture 7pm in NB 245
Reception and Book Launch 8pm at READ Books

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Review: Limner Journal
Between comic book artists and editorial designers there are…

by Sean Scott

Limner Journal is a periodical produced intermittently by Studio Operative, a publishing studio that focuses on contemporary illustration and its surrounding discourse. As they state on their website, they “collaborate with exciting illustrators to facilitate work that is reflective of the eclecticism of illustration as a subject.”

The key word in this phrase is “eclectic.” The current position of illustration is fascinating in that it doesn’t always involve—as most people think it does—drawing comics and designing editorial pieces on an Adobe program. Though both of those are completely feasible forms of practice, they represent a proportionate part of the contemporary illustrative world.


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